Want to Have the Best Exterior Paint Job Frisco Texas? Don’t Paint During the Fall

If you want to have the best exterior paint job Frisco Texas, then heed my advice. Don’t paint your home exterior during the fall. Many would disagree with me. I want you to have the best exterior paint job Frisco Texas, and let me tell you why I advise against painting any time after October 1st.

The biggest reason why people choose to paint outside during the fall is the temperature associated with the season. Most people say that the fall season is the best time to paint outside Frisco TX because of the cool temperature, making it perfect to work outside. However, it is this cool temperature that won’t give you the best exterior painting Frisco TX.

And no, I’m not inventing this. There is a scientific reason why painting during the fall isn’t advisable.
If you would read the small print on most paint cans, manufacturers would advise not to apply paint when the temperature is below 55 degrees. Some brands even warn not to paint when the temperature is as low as 50 degrees. If you want to get the best exterior paint job Frisco Texas, then you should follow their guide on what is the best weather to paint outside Frisco TX.

Paint manufacturers advise this because paint sticks to your wall quite similar to how adhesive works.   Paint contains latex or oil as the vehicle to attach paint, and higher temperatures are needed for the full chemical reaction to make paint stick to your walls to occur. During fall, although temperatures can reach up to 70 degrees during the daytime, it can fall to the low 40’s or even 30’s at sometimes during nighttime.  Unlike adhesive, Paint takes a long time to dry, and the temperature at night affects it.  

Apart from the vehicle, there are other factors that are affected by temperature when painting outside. If you plan on painting your windows, you need to use a glazing compound, commonly called putty, to make the paint stick. Putty is even more heat dependent than paint, and it takes even more time to dry than the paint itself. This is a very important guide to painting your windows Frisco TX, and if you want to have the best exterior painting, then you need to paint your windows right.

Unless painted in the right temperature, the paint on your walls and windows will start to crack and peel, unable to survive the harsh elements we sometimes see in Texas.

However, if you really want the best exterior painting Frisco TX, it is better to leave the job to a professional. If you want the best service that fits your budget, then Frisco Exterior Painting Pros are who you need to call. They are large enough to give you the best discounts while small enough to operate with you as part of the team. They will help you every step of the way – from selecting the right colors, the right amount of paint, until the completion of your project. You're only one phone call away from having the best interior paint job Frisco Texas!

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